[Healeys] Rear end noise

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Yes it was taken to a specialist…..and the oil that was used the first 1,500 miles was mineral gear oil……I then switched to Amsoil 75/110 wt. synthetic to see if it would help with noise ,it did not.


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Sorry, but the oils you use are not recommended by BMC.
Why not use the correct mineral oil recommended by the factory?
It might avoid any problems.
Hope you gave your differenzial to a specialist to fit the Lempert gears. 
Josef Eckert.
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Oil is clean……Amsoil 75/110w…....made no difference
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Without knowing more it could be due to several things including wrong oil or lack thereof, improper lash, misalignment in axle tube, bad bearings, etc. 
As a start I would drain the axle and see what if anything is in the oil, then refill with synthetic 75-90 different oil and see if there is any change.
Best-Michael Oritt
On Oct 27, 2016 11:14 AM, <dayton21 at comcast.net> wrote:
I had the Lempert gear set installed in my 1966 BJ8  this year  put about 2000 miles on it.
I have a pretty loud hum at about 35-45 mph………the hum only occurs when accelerating…..when you let off it goes away.
Can someone tell me what is causing it ?     can the new gears be readjusted if that’s the problem?
Thanks in advance
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