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Good I haven´t spent my spare time to check what needles, springs and spark 
plugs can be used for a 100 engine with modified HS6 carbs fitted.
With all these modifications mentioned, nothing is anymore like it should 
be. So test, trial and error.
Josef Eckert
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Thanks for that and yes the carbs are indeed H6, having been swapped onto 
the car by the first owner in 1955.
Best--Michael Oritt 

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  Hello Michael


  The carburettors originally installed to the 100 four-cylinder engines
  fitted with the Le Mans kit were H6, not HS6 and according to my SU book
  the needles are OA6 for rich, OA7 for standard and OA8 for weak.


  The piston spring should be red in colour.


  Hoo Roo


  Patrick Quinn

  Blue Mountains, Australia


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  I have been experiencing less than stellar performance with my 100 Lemans
  and need to go back to basics.


  What is the wisdom (I don't ask for consensus!) on appropriate needles
  for the carbs (HS6) and what spark plugs are folks favoring these days? 


  Also what tappets clearances are folks used for a DW AL head in the "fast
  road" or stage 2 tune with DW tubular headers?  If it matters I have
  installed a Mallory MagLite distributor.


  Best--Michael Oritt

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