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Others have have answered the question of where to source rocker panels with compound curves. However John Sims' website www.healey6.com also has a couple of photos that nicely illustrate compound curve and non-compound curve rocker panels. Look in the section Technical, Body, Rocker Panel Curvature. The green Healey has non-compound curve (straight) rocker panels and the blue over white one has the correct compound curve rockers. Interesting.
Neil McDonald
BN6 with straight rockers!

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> I also read that. It came from Rich Chrysler I believe. If some one is making them correctly I'd like to know.
> Bill Lawrence
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> I read somewhere online that correct rocker panels have compound curves...... which is obviously a much more challenging fabrication challenge. Is this what people like Moss, Kilmartin actually provide? If not are there alternative suppliers?
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