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Fred, the console is secured to the top of the fiberglass gearbox cover with a bracket attached to the cover that mates with a screw on each side of the console.  The applicable page from the BMC parts manual for BJ7/BJ8 is attached.  The pictorial shows the bracket is made with a slot on each side so that the console can be slid backward to release it from the bracket (after the two screws on each side are removed that attach the console to the underside of the dash).   Hard to describe in a few words, but the picture should be clear enough for you to figure it out.


The only switches in the console are in the radio, if you have one.  The lower console comes out without having to disturb the upper panel where the overdrive, ignition, lights, etc. switches are located.  If you have a radio, you should be able to disconnect the wiring behind the console from the sides.  


The ignition key should also operate the door locks, and the glove box key should operate the trunk lid latch.  The ignition key number (except for very late cars) is stamped on the face of the key lock where you insert the key.  The original ignition key number for your BJ8 was FS.906.  The glove box lock should also have a similar number (not FS.906, but FS. something) stamped on it.  The trunk key number is stamped on the shaft of the trunk latch handle, but may not be visible with the latch installed.  Replacement keys can be had from Pete Groh (e-mail:  pete_groh at yahoo.com).


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I lost my 63 BJ7 to a whole house fire a number of months back.  I owned my BJ7 for over 30 years.  I restored the car and it was beautiful.  There was nothing I would not undertake on the car.

I have replaced my 63 BJ7 with a 66 BJ8.  I do love the "new" car.  There are differences between the cars and that is what I need help with.  I need to clean the overdrive operating valve and then adjust the overdrive solenoid for proper operation.

My question is how do I remove the center console?  I see the two screws on each side of the top of the console where it joins the dash but there is more to removing it. Where are there other screws/attachment points?  Are there disconnects for the switches or do I just made a sketch of the wiring before I disconnect them?

I received just the ignition key when I bought the car.  Is the ignition key supposed to operate the glove box and trunk?  My key does not operate any of the.  If not, I do not see numbers on the locks themselves so how and where do I get replacement keys.  I also assume there is a separate key for the doors and I do not see a number on that lock either.


What other important differences between the cars that I should be aware of?

The list has been great with information and help in the past.

Thanks to all who reply.


63 BJ7 (deceased)

66 BJ8

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