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Hi Fred,

Sorry to hear about your fire, but good to hear you're 'back in the 

Besides the two screws on the top of the console, there should be a 
bracket on the transmission cover--inside the bottom front of the 
console--with a couple of hook-like--'C-shaped'--brackets that engage a 
couple screws on the inside of the console (if you have a stock radio 
just pull the knobs off, pull the antenna cable out of the radio and 
break the power connection--if it's not fused cut the wire and add a 5A 
inline fuse).  Loosen or remove the screws to free them from the bracket.

The console and arm rest are separate pieces; there are two screws at 
the front of the armrest--don't recall what's at the rear, 2 more screws 
I think--and when you get the armrest off you'll see a single screw 
holding the rear of the console to the gearbox cover.  You'll have to 
remove the shift knob to get the console out; should be a jamb nut under 
the knob which you loosen then unscrew the knob.  With all screws out 
lift the rear of the console and work it out from under the fascia; you 
don't have to remove any control knobs.

IIRC, the screws into the gearbox cover are originally sheet metal; with 
the console off you might want to install nutserts--blind threaded nut 
inserts--and replace the sheet metal screws with machine screws:




On 10/23/2016 11:13 AM, Fred Wescoe wrote:
> I lost my 63 BJ7 to a whole house fire a number of months back.  I 
> owned my BJ7 for over 30 years.  I restored the car and it was 
> beautiful.  There was nothing I would not undertake on the car.
> I have replaced my 63 BJ7 with a 66 BJ8.  I do love the "new" car.  
> There are differences between the cars and that is what I need help 
> with.  I need to clean the overdrive operating valve and then adjust 
> the overdrive solenoid for proper operation.
> My question is how do I remove the center console?  I see the two 
> screws on each side of the top of the console where it joins the dash 
> but there is more to removing it. Where are there other 
> screws/attachment points?  Are there disconnects for the switches or 
> do I just made a sketch of the wiring before I disconnect them?
> I received just the ignition key when I bought the car.  Is the 
> ignition key supposed to operate the glove box and trunk? My key does 
> not operate any of the.  If not, I do not see numbers on the locks 
> themselves so how and where do I get replacement keys.  I also assume 
> there is a separate key for the doors and I do not see a number on 
> that lock either.
> What other important differences between the cars that I should be 
> aware of?
> The list has been great with information and help in the past.
> Thanks to all who reply.
> Fred
> 63 BJ7 (deceased)
> 66 BJ8

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