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I joined this List about five years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it since. There is no doubt that, from time to time, it has its ups and down, like anything in life. As for myself, I feel that when Rich Chrysler passed on, we not only lost someone with great knowledge of Austin-Healeys, in particular with the 100 model, but we lost someone who could write things in a way that you could almost see how the part fitted, and how to make it work. He had a way to answer a question that few of us possess.

Nevertheless, instead of leaving the ship, I hope that we can all come together and find ways to improve the contents of our discussions so that all those of us that seek answers to problems related to our cars can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of those who have been around for a long time.

We must keep in mind that there are new members that just joined the List and they may need that assistance and wisdom that you indicate was so prevalent many years ago.


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I suspect many listers left the list, as the quality of this information source went so much down over the past months and years.

This list was a phantastic pool of wisdom about 10 years ago, but nowadays most comming through is very low level to my mind.

Sorry, I am also very close to say good bye as its more wearing what I read than refreshing.

Just my opinion, but also the one of several Healey experts I know and who already left or just staying quiet and are no more active.

Josef Eckert


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