[Healeys] Grace, and the barn find 100 at PB

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This is going to upset people.


There is no such car as an Austin-Healey 100 M BN1. It doesn't matter if it
was modified at the DHMC Warwick or anywhere else. It is an Austin-Healey
100 BN1 fitted with a Le Mans kit.


The Austin-Healey 100M is a distinct model that was based on the BN2. In
other words all 100Ms rolled came out of Longbridge as BN2s.


Wish I had a dollar for every time I have seen a BN1 fitted with a Le Mans
kit advertised as a 100M. I might be able to afford a real one!


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia


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If you have bulletproof provenance, gotta be low 6 figures ($120K+).


Note this car won't necessarily go for $49.5K.



On 10/17/2016 10:57 AM, David Nock BCS wrote:

So at $49,500.00 what does that do to the values of for example the BN1
driver that we are restoring right now. It is a pre production  100 M BN1
that was modified at Warwick prior to the BN2 coming out.




David Nock
British Car Specialists


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I simply cannot see this car being worth more than half what they got for it
at the auction. It does not make sense, I don't care whether they found it
in a barn, an alleyway or in the back of a garage somewhere. It's just an
old neglected car. 






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