[Healeys] barrett-jackson

healeymanjim healeymanjim at hansencc.net
Fri Oct 14 20:55:19 MDT 2016

attended B-J auction today down at Mandalay Bay.  lots of nice cars but only 3 healeys this time.  i was looking at a BJ8 and 
got to talking with a young lady who had just inherited her grandfather's austin healey.  showed me a picture and it was a 
BN7 tri-carb.  i almost dropped my teeth.  she wants to keep it but does not know how to proceed with any kind of 
restoration as it has been sitting for quite a while.  gave her my email address and said i would poll the group as to who 
would be a good restorer in the southern california area, or even farther afield if necessary.

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