[Healeys] How to Increase the Front and Rear Height on a BT7

Rafael Abugattas rafaelabugattas at yahoo.es
Wed Oct 12 20:08:23 MDT 2016

Hi all,

I am in the process of doing a nut and bolt restoration on a 1962 BT7 Three
Carb. My car is located in Lima - Peru and according to Waze we are in the
top ten worst places to drive in the world! 


Authorities have found no better way of controlling speed than filling the
streets with speed bumps of different height and sizes. There are parts of
the city where you can find several on one block!


As you can imagine Lima is not the best place to drive such a low vehicle as
a Healey and I am considering increasing the front and rear height of the
car maybe a couple of inches. I am aware that this will affect the look of
the car but I have no other choice.


Would you please provide me with ideas or suggestions on how to tackle this
project before we start assembling the car and suspension?


Thanks in advance for your comments.


Best regards,


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