[Healeys] Fuel pump flustered

llennep at verizon.net llennep at verizon.net
Sat Oct 8 08:49:33 MDT 2016

 Hello all and thanks for all the replies on this.  It has been a bit exasperating.

After extensive investigation I installed a new pump - problem solved.  I suppose there was something internal going on with the pump like maybe cracked diaphragm or some probs with the one way valves.  Well now to sit back and wait on the next issue . . . . . .... 


On 09/28/16, llennep at verizon.net wrote:


This one has really got me stumped. A couple weeks ago went on a 40 or so mile ride. Car ran great. No probs. At one point I was stopped and I could hear the fuel pump clicking away, 3-4 clicks per second. This was true whether at idle or higher rpm. I knew that normally at idle there was an occasional click.

Once back home I restarted the car and same thing. Then over several days I attempted to fix the prob. A different pump gave the same results. I replaced the filter and still same thing. Oh BTW there was no fuel underneath as is the case when a float needle is stuck and fuel comes out the overflow. No fuel shows up anywhere.

Why does the pump continue to click so fast????? Why does it NOT slow to an occasional click????? What is the fix???? I am flustered.


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