[Healeys] Disc brake kit installation

Ross rvmaylor at shaw.ca
Mon May 23 09:32:34 MDT 2016

Hi all

I purchased a disc brake conversion kit for my BN6. Looks to be top quality
stuff from a euro parts supplier but no step by step instructions were
provided. http://tinyurl.com/jkahxej

I have found, online, the Moss instructions for upgrading a BJ8 to 4 pot
calipers and have various parts manuals, service books, Haynes etc. and will
piece together through trial and error how to install this kit. Since I am a
long way from my youth the error part of that process does not have the
appeal it once did. I recall driving my old series Land Rover with no
functioning brakes except the park brake. It mostly went well. But that's
for another forum. Does anyone know of another reference that would give
clear guidelines on how to proceed.   Have other disc brake conversion kits
come with step by step instructions. Any tips would be appreciated.



Ross Maylor


1958 BN6



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