[Healeys] Leroy and Susan Joppa Auction

Jim Werner jwhlyadv at aol.com
Tue May 17 05:00:55 MDT 2016

Leroy bought out a collection of parts in Louisville that were owned by Tommy Clifford and the car is now owned by Scott Brown in Cincinnati

Jim Werner

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A tri carb eh?  That is good.  I have a tri carb setup for it but I would
have preferred my original engine.


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The 29E indicates that it's a tri-carb motor for a MkII roadster. 
Pretty early one, as the first engine was 29E-101.

Bob Haskell

On 05/16/2016 02:41 PM, randy dickson wrote:
> *Fellow Healeyoids, I won several lots at the Joppa's estate auction 
> in Wisconsin last week.  Anyway, I met both Leroy and Susan a couple 
> of times and they were very nice and genuine people.  I am proud to 
> own some of their Healey parts and promise to give them a good home.  
> I bought one of Leroy's engines 29E/RU/H121.  This should be a 3000 
> engine correct?  I have a 1960 BT7 early 1960 Healey that came from 
> the same part of the state as Leroy's gray car.  If anybody know where 
> this engine came from I'd appreciate it.  It even turns over.  I would 
> like to rebuild it and put it in my BT7.*
> *I will have to say what was rather upsetting while picking up the 
> Healey parts was that there were a couple of people picking up parts 
> that don't have Healeys but they called themselves "speculators" and 
> they were just going to relist the parts for sale. *
> **
> **
> *Randy in Wisconsin*
> *1960 BT7*
> *1963 BJ7*
> *1966 Cobra replica*
> *1968 Morris Mini Cooper S*
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