[Healeys] Leroy and Susan Joppa Auction

randy dickson rdickson at midwestarchaeology.com
Mon May 16 12:41:52 MDT 2016


Fellow Healeyoids, I won several lots at the Joppa’s estate auction in Wisconsin last week.  Anyway, I met both Leroy and Susan a couple of times and they were very nice and genuine people.  I am proud to own some of their Healey parts and promise to give them a good home.  I bought one of Leroy’s engines 29E/RU/H121.  This should be a 3000 engine correct?  I have a 1960 BT7 early 1960 Healey that came from the same part of the state as Leroy’s gray car.  If anybody know where this engine came from I’d appreciate it.  It even turns over.  I would like to rebuild it and put it in my BT7.


I will have to say what was rather upsetting while picking up the Healey parts was that there were a couple of people picking up parts that don’t have Healeys but they called themselves “speculators” and they were just going to relist the parts for sale.  



Randy in Wisconsin

1960 BT7

1963 BJ7

1966 Cobra replica

1968 Morris Mini Cooper S


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