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I suppose this works for the four cylinder cars also? Wouldn't the pushrod length be the same added length for any Healey engine, I mean 4 or 6 cylinder might be different. Couldn't you just tell us what length you had them made?Mike MacLean

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You buy the MGC  lifters from the usual sources that sell MG engine parts.
You then have to have the push rods made by people that make push rods.  I mentioned a good source in my previous post.  You measure the difference between the pocket height of the stock Healey lifter and the height of the pocket of the MGC lifter, and then you add that distance to the length of a stock Healey push rod..... and VOILA.... you have the length for your new push rods. 
Note.....all MGC lifters are "bucket lifters".

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Where do you buy MGC lifters and push rods to match?
Bob Begani BJ8

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I had some custom made tubular push rods made by Smith Brothers Push Rods. The cost is very reasonable. Less than $100 for a set. And they know the size of the end that matches the MGC lifter and the size of the end that matches the Austin Healey rocker. 

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RichardI purchased the MGC lifters some time ago but have not installed them yet. What longer pushrods did you use please?   MGC?
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I've been using MGC bucket lifters in my Healey race motors for the last 20+ years. Advantages: the geometry is better than the stock pedestal lifters - the bottom of the push rod is much closer to the cam lobe.  They have drain back holes that the stock lifters do not. They are lighter. They cost less than the stock pedestal lifters. 


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... anybody got them?   What's the advantage(s)?



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