[Healeys] Oil as used in Cosworth F.1 DFV

J. Armour sebring3000 at bigpond.com
Thu May 12 19:12:34 MDT 2016

A more critical liquid than fuel is oil. The engine must be plumbed to
Cosworth specsŠits data sheet DA0626 for ŒDFV250¹ and the like. Its critical
the engine never sucks air, at high revs bearing failure will result. At
10000rpm the engine is rotating at 166 times plus per second.Peter; ŒI use
Kendall 20/50 mineral oil, which has a high zinc content which is great for
the cams and followers¹. The Cosworth oil filter (Part #PP0404) needs to be
changed every 300 miles, the oil level needs to be checked religiously as
the engine uses as much as 4 quarts every 100 miles.Oil temperature should
be 90-100 degrees measured at the inlet to the pressure pump. 7000rpm should
not be exceeded before the oil is at least 50 degrees centigrade.

I have included the above comments on oil as used in an historic F.1
Cosworth engine.

It seems flat tappets and zinc must go together.

For those interested see ;    primotipo.com and search on say Cosworth,
Repco-Brabham for hours of fun


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