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Sorry Bob but it is Triumphs that have TRactor derived motors  - Vangard and
then Massey Fergurson wet sleeve engines. That is the TR route to more cu.
Did you know Jock Reid one of the first Healey employees later left Healey
and worked for Harry Fergurson when he had made his money from tractors and
went into 4-wheel drive and braking systems. He came to Australia with the
4-wheel drive Fergurson F.1 car that was driven by Moss and Graham Hill.
Harry then adapted his stuff to the Jensen Interceptor FF
The world was a small circle then.

Jock later fitted the brakes on the rear engined Jaguars competing in the
world sports car championship in 1980s. He came to Australia with them for a
race.    Jock Reid from riding mechanic with Healeys to 200mph GT racers
very hands ­on stuff

Joe ­ who sat with Jock at the 1996 International Healey Meet in UK

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I'd want to know for sure before I used it (the tractor stuff), but I'd
wager if it's for tractors--which probably have solid lifters--it has plenty
of ZDDP.

Have heard that tractors use Healey engines.



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