[Healeys] Lucas Coil

josef-eckert at t-online.de josef-eckert at t-online.de
Mon May 9 11:47:23 MDT 2016

SW (Switch) Negative Post
CB (Contact Breaker) Positive Post

Josef Eckert

Betreff: [Healeys] Lucas Coil
Datum: 2016-05-09T18:08:09+0200
Von: "Raymond Donovan" <rjdisi at aol.com>
An: "healeys at autox.team.net" <healeys at autox.team.net>

Have an old screw top coil that is marked ‘Lucas’ for a 1954 BN1 and the coil posts are marked SW and CB.
Can you tell me which posts are negative and positive?
Thank you,
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