[Healeys] BJ8 Tacho Upgrade

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sat May 7 19:59:14 MDT 2016

Why?  The original tachs work fine--even with Pertronix Ignitor solid 
state 'points'--and can be calibrated.

Now, if someone made an electronic speedometer I'd be all over it.


On 5/6/2016 8:33 AM, Roger Grace wrote:
> Seriously thinking of getting my moving coil tacho. upgraded to a 
> modern stepper motor type movement, retaining the original face and case.
> Speedy Cables in Wales offer this.
> So, wondering (UK listers ?) if anyone has had this done and any 
> comments about this type of conversion.
> Are there perhaps any US companies that do this as well ?
> Tkx
> rg

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