[Healeys] 100-6 part 2

Mon Mar 28 20:22:56 MDT 2016

I'm a little confused Larry. Are you trying to talk him into it or out of it? Yeah, Dave knows better than most exactly what he is getting into, or not... My take, if you're not looking for a new hanger queen a damaged BN4 can easily be built up to do what any  any other Healey will. (Well maybe not the Denis Welch crowd, but they do sell their parts) So I have to say jump on it if the price is right. There are fewer and fewer of those every day. If it's a New Mexico car and not a refugee from the northeast there shouldn't be much rust although any barn find should have a mechanical inspection and refurbishment.

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Well, I can't just ignore the rust so I will dismantle the body and
check it out. At this point you discover that rust progresses even when
the car has been in dry storage for over 50 years. You remove the front
and rear wings / guards. After using the accumulated top soil from the
from guards and top dress your lawn with the accumulated volume you
discover that the lower front guards and rear guard doglegs are toast.
The inner and out sills are also rusty, and if your really lucky the
chassis and outriggers are ok. At this point you remind yourself that
Donald Healey stated that he built the cars thinking they had had 5 year
life span, and many did after being used and abused and then parked. And
console yourself about the the now massive task you have undertaken. At
this crucial stage large quantities of alcohol are beneficial, as you
are really this for the long term. So you go for it, the full deal, rust
repairs, sandblasting, repainting everything. Now having done all that
your not going to reinstall all that tatty old trim and hood are you?
and the gauges have all seized, and new need a new wiring loom, and the
gas tank is rusted out, and, and, and, Hmmm. Barn find? More often than
not they are junked old cars that need a complete restoration to have
any real value. If you add up the parts cost and pay yourself a dollar
an hour for your labor you may make a profit.
Enjoy your weekend guys, or in Australia your long weekend.
Larry Varley

On 28/03/2016 1:02 AM, David Porter wrote:
> readers..
> I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the purchase of a BN4 (BN 4L
> 0 40532) to be precise. It was involved in a front end hit, pushed
> into dry storage since the sixty's. It has been picked over a bit.
>  I know that these are the least loved by us, but given the decreasing
> number of barn finds available I look to the collective wisdom  for
> the push to buy or pass it up.. What say you..
> Dave

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