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Rather than disconnecting the hose here is a simpler test for servo function.
With the engine off pump the brakes several times to deplete the residual vacuum.
Then apply a steady pressure on the brake pedal as you start the engine.
If the servo is working you will feel the brake pedal drop slightly.
Michael S
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The mc is the same size as the one I removed and as with the original spec. I'll try your test once I re-blead the servo. Thanks. 

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I assume pedal pressure (not pedal travel) is your question. 
When you replaced the master cylinder did you replace it with the same size (I.D.) as the one you took out? Also, is it the same size as the original MC size for a Phase 2 BJB? 
I would assume that you could test whether or not the servo is functioning by simply comparing the breaking pressure required with the vacuum line connected & disconnected. It would be a good idea to plug the line or fitting at the manifold when you disconnect it so that air is not sucked into the intake manifold during the test. If you do not notice any difference then the servo is not functioning.
Gary Hodson  
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There is nothing in the Bently manual about adjusting the pedal. My pedal has about 1/2" of movement before it engages. The pedal is solid when I press it so I believe the system has been bled correctly. 

The feed back I receive when engaging the brakes when the car is in motion is that the servo is not assisting. I don't understand, as the servo was just rebuilt and it worked fine until I switched out the master cylinder. 

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