[Healeys] FW: MkIII purchase in France

Niels Bengaard bengaard at 850r.dk
Thu Jun 30 10:30:21 MDT 2016

Try talking to someone in the French Healey club if they can help.


I was in the same situation some years ago in Denmark. You really want a car, there are not that many around, and when you go look at them you can’t see all the errors they have, somehow you are blind to them.

Get someone else to join and get their opinion. I spent three years finding one. After some time I almost got a bit annoyed because there were errors on all of the cars in the price range I could afford.

After seeing perhaps three different cars you kind of get an idea of what to expect. In the price range he probably looks at, he has to accept errors. I wanted a mechanically good car, with no rust. I had to accept not to good paint and other cosmetic errors. 


If you want the history, Steve Byers might help, he has many BJ8´s registered. You need to get the VIN from the seller.

I bought mine because it had a good history,  I was able to find it for sale in USA in 2010 with lots of info, info that was sadly lost when it was exported to Denmark.


I think this car would not be my first choice, it looks like it has been welded badly on some pictures. Parts are also missing, might not be much, but why is it missing.

I would say with patience he will find a better car, he might have to travel a bit in France to find it. Always go see them, pictures are impossible to judge a car from.

If it´s close to him I would go see it.




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Emne: [Healeys] FW: MkIII purchase in France


Reference the MkIII in France, here are some pics and the ad.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.....




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Thank you for this. Yes, I am well aware of the difference between Biarritz and Paris. My nephew lives in Paris and also has a place in Biarritz. I was unaware of from which location he was going to be driving.

Anyhow, it appears to be in Maisons Laffite 78600 which seems to be north-east Paris.


https://picasaweb.google.com/102905154057839206557/6300795829563600033?authuser=0 <https://picasaweb.google.com/102905154057839206557/6300795829563600033?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCL7n7Y6YivbV6AE&feat=directlink> &authkey=Gv1sRgCL7n7Y6YivbV6AE&feat=directlink


http://www.lesanciennes.com/annonce/A99699-ventes-auto-austin-healey-3000-bj8-1967.html?ftype= <http://www.lesanciennes.com/annonce/A99699-ventes-auto-austin-healey-3000-bj8-1967.html?ftype=&fcat=&search=AUSTIN%20HEALEY> &fcat=&search=AUSTIN%20HEALEY

My nephew, Pierre-Henri claret, can be found at:-

yosmovies at hotmail.fr

He is French and English, his late father being French and my sister being English.

I would be very pleased and grateful if you could help him in any respect. You could tell him, for example, if that garage is half way honest??

Thanks again,



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Simon, 15' from Biarritz or 15' from Paris is a bit different. They're some 800 Kms (500 mi) away.

Anyway, I can advise.


iPad Pro


Le 29 juin 2016 à 12:42, Simon Lachlan <simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk> a écrit :

When he was little my nephew always loved my 3000 and used to say that he’d get one “when he grew up”.

Well, some 20 years later, he’s looking to buy a MkIII. ’67. Imported from California. Presumably a “Phase Two”. 

He’s French and lives in France so the LHD will suit OK. The car is in France and will stay there. I think he said that its 15 minutes south of Biarritz. Maybe 15 minutes south of Paris....

The car has fibre glass front wings, but that appears to be “in  the price”. The car sounds clean enough from what I can gather, but that’s not very much.....my being in England and the car being in France!!


Is there anyone in France who can help or advise him?


Does anyone in the US recall a MkIII with two fibre glass front wings that was sold into/taken to France??? Long shot, I know.....




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