[Healeys] Help in ID'ing a transmission

Mark Donaldson ardmorebusiness at xtra.co.nz
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Hi Brian,


It is definitely not a Moss box.

Following on from Andy's comment, I had a similar transmission with the
Borg-Warner O/D some 35 years ago.

The brass ID disc riveted to the top of the gearbox will generally identify
which make and model it came from.

e.g. If it was a Wolseley the prefix will be the letter "W".  If there are
numbers they will tell you the engine capacity.






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The overdrive is borg warner which was used on the Wolseley and Austin
sedans in place of the Healey's Laycock. 

The gearsets and most internals are the same as Healey for the later boxes
afaik. You can take the top off and look for steel synchro rings or brass on
the earlier ones.





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 I'm trying to

 help a friend who was given a transmission. He was told was

 a centre shift BJ8 tranny. On getting it home he

 soon found it wasn't for a BJ8. I believe it is an

 early Jaguar Moss transmission but would appreciate any help

 in ID'ing which make and model it actually came from

 .I've attached

 photos of it.ThanksBrian Drab


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