[Healeys] MkIII purchase in France

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Wed Jun 29 04:42:43 MDT 2016

When he was little my nephew always loved my 3000 and used to say that he'd
get one "when he grew up".

Well, some 20 years later, he's looking to buy a MkIII. '67. Imported from
California. Presumably a "Phase Two". 

He's French and lives in France so the LHD will suit OK. The car is in
France and will stay there. I think he said that its 15 minutes south of
Biarritz. Maybe 15 minutes south of Paris....

The car has fibre glass front wings, but that appears to be "in  the price".
The car sounds clean enough from what I can gather, but that's not very
much.....my being in England and the car being in France!!


Is there anyone in France who can help or advise him?


Does anyone in the US recall a MkIII with two fibre glass front wings that
was sold into/taken to France??? Long shot, I know.....




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