[Healeys] Coil and condecer

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Thanks Dave,
I tries something similar and found several engines, some with different colors and almost all from the same angle in which I could not see the starter or the oil filter. I also used that technique to see if the cars had a condenser with the coil which I could not verify.
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simply Google Austin healey engine images.. you will get the idea      of colors are correct items in the engine bay.
On 6/24/2016 6:43 PM,      gablegerry at netscape.net wrote:
        I am repainting on most my parts (59 BN6);          Question Oil, Generator and Starter Engine color.
                                                                      My          coil is mounted on a support which also has a coil mounted and          bolted to the mount-can    this be purchased or is it replaced          by something else?
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