[Healeys] Re Coventry radiator badge

carroll phillips bjcap at optonline.net
Mon Jun 20 16:46:02 MDT 2016

Be glad you still have one , The badges were installed as a bare steel 
stamping with just a little lead to the rad. Water gets behind the plate 
and rusts it out , protected by the black paint on the outside but not 
from behind. What I did with mine was gently and gently wire brush to 
get some of the surface rust off, use some rustoleum rusty primer and 
spray it to the masked off plate. It will help seal the surface, also 
something like rust mort will work, see if you can get it behind the 
plate too. Anything to protect it when the rad is cleaned. Ive heated 
them off before but if there is enough rust present it can be damaged 
even more ( rust thru holes)I would get it sealed up and then paint it 
all together as original was. Dont over paint or use a brush, just 
enough to help blend the rust a little smoother.
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