[Healeys] Coventry badge on BJ8 radiator

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A search on the Internet reveals that the company is still in business but now fabricates pressing for various automotive applications. It appears that they are now under Chinese ownership and it is doubtful if they still make radiator.

There is also a place in the USA that reproduces various I.D. tags for our cars. Clarke Spares & Restorations in Doylestown, Pennsylvania is the place and if you can provide them with the original plate, and if there is enough demand for it, I am quite sure that he would be willing to reproduce this plate. His work is excellent. I asked him to reproduce the tags for the back of the horns on the BN1/BN2 but there has not been enough of a demand so far, for him to get some of the tooling required.


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Hi all,
Does anyone know if their is a source for the "Coventry Radiators" badges on the front vertical face of a Healey 3000 radiator?
I can't find it listed at any of the usual suspects?
Pic below
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