[Healeys] Chroming of Grille for AH100 -

Jean Caron vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 18 10:20:26 MDT 2016

The owner of House of Silver here in Winnipeg advised me that he will be doing a number of grilles in a container that will have non bright nickel so it looks like the original, see photo attached.

So if anyone on the List is interested in having a grille done that way, please give him a call to obtain more details. So far he has 4 grilles to be done that way and can accommodate a few more.

His name is Robert Winnobel PH: 204-774-3250

email: rwynnobel at yahoo.com

website: houseofsilver.ca

Bear in mind that once the grille is done this way, there will be a need to protect that finish by applying two coats of semigloss clearcoat over the finish.

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