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Don Day fsufan1952 at yahoo.com
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Steve , I got a great air filter from Dennis Welch . It has a metal backing plate that bolts over both carbs and then has a foam filter stretched over a wire cage that clips over the metal backing plate for easy off and on . And I can use a uni sync over the backing plate. I also have a BJ-8 , same color 

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> On Jun 13, 2016, at 2:33 AM, John Spaur <jmsdarch at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> YEA! Such a good feeling when you reach that milestone.
> John, been there circa 2013 BT7
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> Well, I've still got some details to fuss with, but for all intents and purposes after a number of years my BJ8 is back on the road.
> I had a great run today, and I'm feeling very positive about the whole project once more.
> I had a funny hesitant feeling at higher revs under power, but a new fuel filter seems to have fixed that.
> I never had the original air cleaners, but I'm definitely going to have replace my old after market pancakes...K&N's, or repro originals?
> Anyway, thanks for all the support- there are bound to be more questions,
> Regards, Stephen, BJ8
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