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Andy Thorp bce257 at yahoo.co.nz
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I use ultrasonic parts cleaners regularly and they are great at taking things from mostly clean to surgically clean, however they won't get large amounts of heavy gunge off. 

For cleaning old car parts I use paint stripper- it penetrates into everything and breaks up the gunge. Try slobbering an old carburettor in paint stripper, it'll come up like brand new. Also works very well for getting frozen screws undone because it penetrates into the corrosion in the threads and loosens it. The attached pic is a pair of H6s that had sat outside for many years, they cleaned up very nicely just using only paint stripper and a soft brass wire brush to dust off the oxidation


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 My harbor freight parts washer just rusted
 through after 10 years and I need a new parts
  I hate these things because frankly, they
 don’t do anything – it’s just a basin full of
 detergent,  you still have to do all the scraping,
 scrubbing etc.
  I’m thinking about getting something
 automated that all I have to do is dump the parts in, and
 come back later and they are clean, but the transmission and
 engine cleaners that pro shops have are like
  Does anybody have any experience with
 ultrasonic parts washers?  I can get one that is about the
 same size as the crappy old one for about $1k, but before I
 jump in, I’d like to know how effective they
  Jonas PaynePBR Consulting Services,
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