[Healeys] Idle dies

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Sat Jun 11 06:27:27 MDT 2016

possible low tension wire making grounding contact inside the distributor??

---- Alan Seigrist <healey.nut at gmail.com> wrote: 

Ira -

I had a pretty perplexing situation once similar to this, turned out the
little carbon peg in the distributor cap was crap.  I replaced the cap and
it worked after that.



On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 10:14 AM, i erbs <eyera3000 at gmail.com> wrote:

> new development
> car looses all power, bucks, backfires, catches and drive ok for a bit,
> then big backfires and bucking, then it dies. almost like a loss of power.
> it could be an intermittent power loss. Distributor cap looks like .
> explosions. NOS cap, rotor, points and condenser . Distributor was removed
> cleaned and re greased.
> Ira Erbs
> Portland,OR
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