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Kilmartin Automotive Sheetmetal in Ballarat Australia make the best repair panels I’m pretty sure David Nock at British Car Specialists in California stocks them and a number of other restores in the US use them as well as
in Europe use them

Kilmartins web site is kas-kilmartin.com.au if you want to check out their range of parts

Good luck with your project
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Fellow Healeyoids,  I just picked up four original and rusty fenders for my BT7 that I am restoring.  The bottoms of the fronts are rusty 3 inches up the fender or so.  The rears need doglegs as usual.  Who makes the best fitting patches these days?  13 years ago I got them from Everett out in the NW of the US but sorry to say, he has passed on.  I got some panels from a large supplier in England but they were horrible.  I do not want to waste time with their patch panels.  


Randy in Wisconsin

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