[Healeys] fuel line failure

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Tue Jun 7 10:00:40 MDT 2016

I posted this before, but it was while the list was down- so here it is again. I just hope I'm not repeating myself.
I'm at the shakedown stage with my car, so I've been doing test drives and finding small problems to address.I was working on something else when I had to turn on the ignition, and I suddenly smelled fuel quite prominently.The connection at the pump that goes forward to the engine had started leaking quite spectacularly. This puzzles me, because it's like a bigger version of a brake line and it hadn't leaked before, so was presumably seated properly. I can only imagine that the solder joint was not very well done and it has failed. Has anyone had an experience like this? 
It would be the one that travels the entire length of the bloody car!
Stephen, BJ8
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