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David Nock BCS healeydoc at sbcglobal.net
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Randy, We have been supplying stricktly the Kilmartin Sheet Metal from Austrailia for almost 25 years. It fits right the first time. 
You can contact my parts guys and they can get you all the info you need.

David Nock
British Car Specialists

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Subject: [Healeys] fender patch panels

Fellow Healeyoids,  I just picked up four original and rusty fenders for my BT7 that I am restoring.  The bottoms of the fronts are rusty 3 inches up the fender or so.  The rears need doglegs as usual.  Who makes the best fitting patches these days?  13 years ago I got them from Everett out in the NW of the US but sorry to say, he has passed on.  I got some panels from a large supplier in England but they were horrible.  I do not want to waste time with their patch panels.  


Randy in Wisconsin

63 BJ7

60 BT7

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