[Healeys] Healey Blue & Old English White Codes?

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Tue Aug 30 13:14:31 MDT 2016

Ford 'Wimbledon White' is a good approximation of OEW. We painted our 100 OEW/black and it looks good, and any paint shop should be able to whip it up. 

Can't help with 'Healey Blue,' but while we're on the subject: I've seen 'blue' Big Healeys that vary between a decidedly turquoise color--with a lot of green in it, apparently--and a very metallic, light blue. Is there a true definition/paint code, or are the turquoise/metallic shades different colors? 


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My 62 BT7 restoration is nearing paint. With Donald Pikovnik’s Guide to Historic Colors in hand, I visited two of the larger Nashville paint suppliers and struck out. They couldn’t use the old codes in the book and couldn’t even find a listing for Healeys in their classic paint codes database. If anyone has current paint codes for Healey Blue or Old English White you have used on your car, I’d appreciate hearing what you used. 

Dan Corning 

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