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Hi Richard,

I can confirm Jean's observation on that plastic covering on the top frame legs. I think it may have been there to minimize rattling. 

Michael S 

BN1 #174

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I have only seen a couple of frames for the BN6, mine and one other that I restored as well and both had a thin plastic/rubber, grey in colour on the lower 3" of the legs. I am not sure if it was there from new but it appeared that way to me. What I did
 to mine, since I could not find a grey piece like that, I used some shrinking tube cut to the same length and shrunk over the lower portion of the legs.


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Question regarding the legs of the top bows going into the sockets in the chassis.  The leg  diameter is much smaller that the socket.  Is there supposed to be some kind of plastic bushing in there? 

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Here are a few photos of what an original one looks like, not sure if the ones from Moss are the same. One thing to remember as well is that the legs that go into the chassis part of the car just behind the doors must also be adjusted, there is a bolt with
 nuts that must be raised or lowered so that your top stays taut and does not fold when driving.


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Can someone tell me or send me a photo of their tie down locks going from the soft top frame of a BN7 to the windshield. I bought the apparently proper pair from Moss awhile ago and even after shortening the J hook it is still far too long to hold the soft
 top to the window frame. They may be correct for some soft top frames and definite fit on my top frame. I am fairly certain my frame is correct but not so certain re the window frame. so, I am wondering of there are different clasps for different 2 seaters...


Richard C
BN7 #440


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Are theses frames interchangeable?
MY car had the frame with the bent legs, but I just got one with straight legs. I can't locate my bent leg frame. So, can I use the straight one? I am fitting a new, but already complete top I bought.
Thanks, Happy New Years to all.


Ira Erbs
1959 BN4 100-6
with BT7 engine and disk brakes.

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