[Healeys] Speedometer Adapter

Tim Ward timwarduk at aol.com
Sun Aug 28 01:45:17 MDT 2016

Hi Team

On the way back from the excellent Healey Event in the Black Forest the
Speedometer on my BJ8 stopped working.


On my return I have verified that it is the Adapter that failed, not the
cable or the Speedometer.


I have obtained a new Adapter from AH Spares and both at time of purchase
and in the part fitting instructions I was told that it is vital that I fit
the Washer that comes with it.


I assumed that I would find a washer with the old one and know exactly which
end of the Adapter to fit it. But I did not. The fitting diagram that comes
with the part is useless as it is back to front and very unclear.


>From the Workshop manual I believe that the Washer is fitted between the
Adapter and the Gearbox, not between the Cable and the Adapter.


I shall be most grateful if your wisdom will confirm if I am right.


Many thanks




Tim Ward

Warwick House

12 Mill Road



Tel: 07855 388 751





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