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Bill Bolton is still around, but getting elderly.  He sold his business and all the inventory to Kent Lambert in Oregon some years ago.  If you need to get in touch with Kent, I have his contact information.  Last time I talked to Kent (a couple of months ago), he did not have any BJ8 flywheels.

Any competent machine shop will be able to do the work for you to adapt your early flywheel for the BJ8 clutch – I strongly recommend it – that’s what I did – along with many others that I know – many years ago on my tri-carb.  The bolt circle is different, the bolts are larger, and it needs 3 dowels instead of 2.  Take them the BJ8 clutch cover – they’ll know what to do.  We’ve done that to several flywheels here over the last couple of years – both lightened and stock. 

Not sure what you mean by a ‘3 finger clutch’ – if your flywheel already has 3 dowel holes, it may be what you want now.

Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BJ8, BT7 tri-carb – both with Bill Bolton lightened flywheels

From: Mark Fawcett 
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Subject: [Healeys] lightened flywheel


Many years ago I purchased a lightened flywheel from Bolt On Healeys. I never installed it, but now I think I'm going to. The flywheel I bought was for an early 3000. Now I'd like to put a later clutch instead of the 3 finger style clutch. Can I modify the older flywheel to be able to use the later style diaphragm pressure plate? I think I should be able to thread bolts into the existing bolt holes then have the head machined flush. Then have new bolt holes drilled and tapped.  Has anyone done this, or I would appreciate any suggestions.

Or if Bill Bolton is still out there and offering lightened flywheels that will take the 9 1/2" pressure plate, I might do that. I haven't been able to locate him on line.


Mark Fawcett

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