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A friend of mine once started my 1959 100/6 with a key from his Triumph

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If you have the lock numbers (e.g on the locks, or heritage cert) then look
on EBay. 
America stuffed the system by making keys on demand. 
But the English system was perfect -
 Wilmot Breedan pre cut keys.
Pre cut keys. 
Wilmot Breedan. 
Bought some spare originals for my BJ8 - $6 AU each incl post just 3 months
If you just want a key - most shopping malls have a key cutter guy who will
cut you a key for $20 on his modern blank.

> On 21 Aug 2016, at 11:13 PM, Fred Wescoe <fredwescoe at gmail.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can get replacement keys for the ignition, glove
box, doors and trunk for a 66 BJ8 that have been lost?
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