[Healeys] New knee

Jim Werner jwhlyadv at aol.com
Thu Aug 18 19:20:29 MDT 2016

Is it one of the Micheal Salter rebuilt knees?

Jim Werner

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Priceless Earl!
      On 17/08/2016 7:38 PM, Earl Kagna wrote:
Obviously not a Lucas knee then – right Ira?
Earl Kagna
            Victoria, B.C.
            BJ8, BT7 tri-carb
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Tested my new knee today. Went for a nice drive              in my Healey today. No pain, just smiles
Mr. Ira Erbs
              1959 Austin Healey 100-6
              please forgive odd words and auto corrects as   my phone              cannot understand my misspellings 

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