[Healeys] Water pump and fan query for BN7

Richard Collins gonnagitcha90 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 16 09:55:28 MDT 2016

The bearings on my water pump finally gave out so I am in the market for one and also think it is time to upgrade from the 2 piece four bladed fan that was on it.
The pump has the nut on the shaft for the pulley but unless the pulley is keyed on it looks more like it is pressed on although I do have a bit of motion of the pulley on the shaft. It seems most new pumps (Moss for example) have the pulleys now pressed on so I assume that is the preferred solution for replacement.
Re the fan I was looking at a six blade but saw no fans in the Moss catalog (NA?) as they look for a solution I recall to rivets popping on the metal ones and not sure re the plastic blade solution.
Looking for any feed back on obtaining a new water pump and an upgraded fan blade.
Thanks !
Richard Collins of KY
BN7 #440

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