[Healeys] More Holes

John Sims ahbn6 at verizon.net
Sun Aug 14 17:56:55 MDT 2016

I would like a copy also for my site.


John Sims

Aberdeen, NJ




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If someone did, can they please send me a copy?  For the life of me I cannot find it in the archives.

Mike MacLean


On Sunday, August 14, 2016 12:59 PM, i erbs <eyera3000 at gmail.com> wrote:


Check the archives. Someone posted a location template 

Mr. Ira Erbs
1959 Austin Healey 100-6
please forgive odd words and auto corrects as   my phone cannot understand my misspellings 


On Aug 14, 2016 12:48 PM, "rrengineer.mike" <rrengineer.mike at att.net> wrote:

I need to mount the Austin Healey badge on the boot lid. The problem I have is the original holes were filled in during the bodywork. I can not see a trace of the front either the top or the bottom. Can someone give me some measurements from the bottom and side of the boot lid to drill them?

Mike MacLean




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