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Tue Aug 9 05:41:24 MDT 2016

Hi John,
Thick oil/ Penrite Steering box grease will also make the steering heavier. 
So will under inflated tyres.
So will an Unlubricated top Trunion phosphor bronze thrust washer, or poorly shimmed. I.e. Too tight. 
So will a smaller steering wheel. 
So will wide tyres. 
So will thick oil in the steering idler box. 
So will too much castor. 

I have wide (6 inch) tyres, heaps of negative camber, and a small steering wheel. 
I run 32 - 34 PSI in the front tyres, 2lb less in the rears. 

Yes - Penrite type steering box grease will make your steering heavier. 
To get it back to "normal", I also run these. 
No commercial interest. 

Try Roller bearing top Trunion bearings. 

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> On 7 Aug 2016, at 7:56 AM, John and Judy Carter <jc9821 at msn.com> wrote:
> What steps can I take in my BJ8 to make it steer easier. I have a new worm gear but have not installed it yet. I have filled the box with thick oil to prevent leaking.
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