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Very true. Also, wheels; I doubt many of us are still running original wheels--I think they were 4.5", 60-spoke--for the 6-cyl cars. I've got 6" 72-spoke wheels with 185/70R rubber on my BJ8 and they do increase steering effort (the upside is better traction). The Torrington (roller bearing) thrust washers help a little. 

Also, steering wheels: the original, 'banjo' style wheels were 17" dia. (IIRC), which gave more leverage but, to me. are awkward, and I think many 'non-concours' cars have had them replaced. My BJ8 came with what I believe is one of the original Derrington wheels, and it's about 16" in dia., so you lose some leverage. 

Looks on the bright side: we get an upper-body workout to go with all the left leg 'presses' when we drive our cars. 


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Tires can make a big difference in steering feel. Not only section width, but air pressure (try pumping it up to over 30 pounds if you don't run that high of pressure already). Also brand and construction, as well as condition. I had a tire on my manual steering BMW2002 that had gone flat too often and the carcass was compromised. When I swapped it out the steering went from very heavy to quite light for an unassisted set up. 

Greg Lemon 

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> a good run through Europe ought to loosen it up:) 
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> What steps can I take in my BJ8 to make it steer easier. I have a new worm gear but have not installed it yet. I have filled the box with thick oil to prevent leaking. 

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