[Healeys] Oil change and Radiator Flush

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Gary – the idea of having someone do some of the work on any of my cars does have some appeal to me.


As far as the Healey goes, maybe I’m not driving it as much as I could/should/want, but I actually spend more time working on it than driving it.  That seems off-balance…


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When the specialist has another car to work on in the next bay, an oil change and radiator flush is only $60 since he only spends 30 minutes total on the car. 
Of course, they also have to stay competitive with the local JiffyLube since they rely on short jobs by local residents.
(Also, I do get a 15 percent professional discount because I write the car column for the local newspaper). 



Gary Anderson
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Gary, I would like to know where the shop is that you are at for 2 hours for a service and they charge only $60.00. Especially in the Bay Area where most shop labor rates are $125.00 and hour and up. 


So for $60.00 they did a proper service in less than 1/2 hour that includes bringing the car in and out of the shop. As well as having to pay for the hazmat disposal.



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My Healey gets driven regularly, though only on short drives -- I go out for coffee with the other local donut derelicts on Saturdays whenever I'm in town, generally driving a long five mile loop on my way, and then it's only about a mile home. However, I hadn't found time to do much else and noticed the other day that the note on my garage white board indicated that the engine oil had been changed most recently in June 2013, and that I hadn't changed the filter or the tranny oil at the time. I couldn't remember the last time I had replaced the radiator coolant. Then last week my car finally refused to start at all, after being very reluctant during the past six months.

It was time go get some work done. I started out by taking out the old battery, and dropping it off at the O'Reilly's and getting a new battery (when did batteries start costing over $100?). At the same time, I picked up seven quarts of 10-40 Castrol dino oil (specifically formulated, it said, for older engines), three quarts of 30 weight ND, a spin-on oil filter, radiator coolant and a pint of Water Wetter. I was ready to go.

Except that I had second thoughts. Jack and jack stands. Hot oil that would have to be recycled. Radiator coolant and radiator flush that would have to be disposed of.

So, this morning as soon as the local independent tire shop (Skips's Tires for you NorCal locals) I called my buddy Sam there and asked when he could do the oil change and radiator flush today. Two hours at the local shop, using my oil, filter, and radiator fluid, and $60, with the oil and coolant in his hazmat tanks, and we're all much happier. During that time I sat in his waiting room with my lap top and wrote a piece for RM Auctions for which I'll be paid $150. 

Though oil changes used to be the one thing that we shade-tree mechanics could manage to do without screwing up, I really think in this day and age we should look at comparative advantages of professional shops and technicians versus amateurs in the driveway, and leave these routine tasks to the pros.


Gary Anderson


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