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Thanks Dave- Sorry that my message was duplicated. It took a long time to get to the list.Stephen

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I'm betting that you're fine. First unless you've verified your gauge accuracy,  it could be off in either direction. so you really might not even know what it really runs. Second, my car exhibits the exact same thing that you describe. Mine was rebuilt 16 years ago. I just pulled the engine apart to check it, and all bearings are still with say 10 to 15% of the tighter end of their service range. My advice is unless you have other issues with the engine, relax and drive it. 
Dave64 BJ8

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Just an informal survey:For those of you with BJ8's ( the later design of oil pump) - what would your oil pressure be idling in traffic, once it's good and warm?It's supposed to be about 25. When hot I get more like 20, even though the upper revs are over 50.

Stephen BJ8

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