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I think most of the people on this list feel the same way about their cars.  The cars are the best therapy there is.  A drive on a warm summer night down the coast here is SoCal  cannot be measured in dollars and cents.  The sound of the engine, the looks of appreciation from other drivers who only wish they had such good "therapy".  I will never sell my car and have told my son it will be his when I kick off.  He loves driving the Bugeye and has helped me work on it many times.  Another bonus.  It will be up to him to keep it or sell, but I think he will try to keep it around.  Even he can appreciate the "therapy".Mike MacLean

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 No harm, no foul Mike.  I'm sure your Healey will be absolutely beautiful when it is completed.  Looks like you are doing it right.  Good looking /bug Eye also!  Motorcycle is very nice.  

I spent last winter pulling the engine out of my e-type and adding a 5 speed.  BEST change I ever made.  The joy these cars give us is worth all the effort and expense.

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Tom,     I'm sorry if it sounded like I was coming down on you.  Back in January my He




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