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First off, so sorry for your loss and everything that has happened.  
Thankfully it sounds as if no one was injured and for that, you were fortunate.  
As far as what can be saved, who knows? But from what I understand, the rear  
axle and transmission are very robust and might be salvageable. The engine? 
I  don't know, but maybe.
The most important is that you, and your family are alive. Again so sorry.  
Hang in there.
Steven Kingsbury
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fredwescoe at gmail.com writes:

I suffered a great loss that was sudden and complete.  Last Monday  my home 
burned to the ground.  The fire was so intense that the fire  trucks had to 
pull out of the driveway and fight the fire from a  distance.  The fire 
engulfed my home and raged for several hours.   The debris continued to flame, 
smolder and flair up for 2 days.

Fortunately, my 2 daughters were not home and no one was injured.

Unfortunately, my 63 BJ7 was in the garage and it was all over when the  
gas tank blew.  Is it worth trying to salvage the car or at least the  engine, 
transmission and rear axel.  This was a numbers matching  car.

Any other thoughts?  The car is considered a total loss and I will  be paid 
the full agreed upon value.

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