[Healeys] Sue & Leroy Joppa Estate Auction

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Sue & Leroy had no children, so I imagine Leroy's brother felt this was the best way to give an opportunity for the Healey community to purchase anything Healey related that they had. Sue's BJ8 was not rebuilt after her accident at the 2014 British Sportscars Rendezvous in Minnesota. This car was restored several years ago by Fourintune and then the Joppa's  traveled all over the USA and Canada with it, attending Conclaves and other Austin-Healey related events. If my memory serves me right, Leroy told me sometimes in 2008 or 2009 that they had put around 80,000 miles on it since being restored and it still ran perfect.


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Dear Fellow Healey fanatics,  I met Leroy and his wife about 8 years ago in Sturgeon Bay in NE Wisconsin.  Both Leroy and his wife were super nice and friendly and loved to talk about Healeys.  He said that he had some parts and I was welcome to come up to his place and see what I needed.  After talking it turns out that I have the original engine from his 1957 BN4.  Small world.  It is sad to see such a collection of Healeys, cars and associated parts be sold off in such a fashion, but that is what is likely to happen to many of us.  Hopefully, it will be distributed back into the Healey community and someone new will be able to enjoy them.


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