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Not sure if this has made it to the list. I keep getting a failure message.
Tim.Gougeon at cytec.com

*Subject:* AH parts I would like to sell
Contact Tim at above email address
I am working with my elderly father to sell some his ‘extra’ parts with
Cascade on-line and in the monthly newsletter:
·         Early BN1 trans and overdrive

·         BN1 trans cover and sheet metal

·         Early Two BN1 doors

·         Early BN1 differential

·         BN1 or BN2 brake baking plates

Note: When I say early, I mean S/N 5000 or earlier.  This has been verified
by a Healey expert.

My father thought for the longest time (30 years ago) that his car was a
BN1. After much research it was proven it was a BN2. These parts are all
operational yet just for the wrong carJ.


Tim Gougeon


’59 Bugeye

Ira Erbs
      _______                                  _______
     (______ \____1959 BN4____/ _______)
          BT7 engine and disk brakes

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