[Healeys] Moss stainless steel brake hose set (584-078)

David Masucci drmasucci at comcast.net
Tue Apr 19 10:40:38 MDT 2016

I didn't remember if a copper washer was originally used...the car has been apart for some time now. The threaded tip of the new line seems to have a concave tip that seems to emulate the normal flare that would be on any other brake line fitting into the brass union. I will call Moss and see what they have to say.
Thanks all!Dave

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Dave, that's the problem with Moss. Its products 
are not quality assured. For example, I ordered a drain petcock---and it 
leaked.  Nice looking brass. Pure crap.
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  Hi all!

  I tried to install the Moss stainless covered brake hose into the 3-way 
  brass union on my BJ8 rear axle. The threaded portion on the new hose is 1/2 
  inch long. It bottoms out into the union before it ever seats internally. The 
  union has a measured depth of approx 0.600", which means I really need a 
  thread depth on the hose of greater than that.

  I have not contacted Moss yet. Has anyone else had this issues?

  Thanks much!

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